Investing in the lives of students can result in ... we'll call them ... memorable moments. Whether you laughed, cried or maybe pulled your hair out, the students you served made an impact on you - and you on them. We believe it is an honor to serve church leaders as you take the gospel news to the people...of all your community. Thank you for serving. Thank you for allowing us a peak into your stories by sharing #realministry with us!

Prompted by our own memories of pranks we witnessed (or potentially participated), we went to social media to hear more stories from youth leaders, volunteers, and students across the globe. Here are some of the tops stories from #youthministry:

  • I had to ask the boys camp to stop launching rotten apples into the girls camp at night with a giant sling shot...they broke two tents.
  • My favorite memory was when our leaders dressed up as Oompa Loompas and danced to the Oompa Loompa song just because.
  • One of my favorite memories was taking the high school youth to New York City and being a part of their experience in the Big Apple. Ministering to every group of people imaginable. Many of them [students] had never left Colorado Springs before the trip. They worked from sun up until sun down during one of NY hottest days, and at the end of each night, they worshiped in the chapel of the Salvation Army in Hell's Kitchen as I've never seen them worship before. It was amazing!
  • My favorite memory was when we met at a local park and the game we had to do was take turns using a straw to fill a kiddie pool with pop from a 2 liter...will never forget the taste of everyone’s backwash!

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