Many pastors struggle with developing leaders. Can you relate? You find yourself doing all the leading, and at the same time, feeling ineffective because you know you need to be raising up more leaders to give ministry away. The Unstuck Group  is fortunate to work hands-on with many churches. They often see people struggling to connect with Jesus beyond the weekend service. Here are 3 practical principles to develop more leaders, specifically by spending more time with fewer people.


1. Invest in People Who Will Pay It Forward

Investing in people who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus is a win; however, we aim to develop leaders so they, in turn, will go develop more leaders. You get a greater return on your investment of time when you identify people with leadership potential and help them take their next steps.

2. Mentor in Groups

There is only one of you, and leading many people one on one requires an abundance of time (something we’re already lacking). Hosting groups, versus individual mentorship (which also has its place), not only creates more time, but also a sense of community.

It creates a sense of belonging and builds community. We’ve seen that investing more time in fewer people has the domino effect. Instead of spreading a little to many, you can add depth and give a lot to few.

3. Create a Standard of Commitment

Establishing a system of commitment creates a standard of accountability. Without the commitment to becoming a disciple, and ultimately becoming a disciple maker, the investment can lose its impact. Commitment breeds motivated leaders, and motivated leaders breed more disciples.


Listen to the original podcast with Reggie Campbell, founder of Radical Mentoring, Clay Scroggins, from North Point Community Church, and Tony Morgan from The Unstuck Group.