The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished. That's a common practice, but we often shift right into the next season of goals and programs without stopping to appreciate the people that worked in the trenches with us. Before the date changes from one year to the next, take the opportunity to thank the people that made an impact in your ministry. Carve out some time to remember the people that you have leaned on throughout the year. Here is a list of people to consider.

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Team Spouses

Ministry is a joint effort. Your team members are able to commit time and energy to your ministry because of the support of their spouses. These people are likely volunteering in areas within your ministry, as well. Regardless, they are a group of people that often get overlooked.

Your Lead Pastor

The weight of the leadership load often gets spread throughout the leadership teams in churches. Many churches have less staff to spread these responsibilities. The Executive pastor and Lead pastor specific responsibilities can look different among each church, but the weight of vision, teaching, staff and financial management can be extremely heavy. Take time to send your leadership team a personal note thanking them for their direct impact on either you personally or a specific example of how they've lead the congregation or staff well.

Volunteer or Ministry Leaders

This might seem like a no-brainer. However, 3 out of 10 volunteers will quit each year. Many because of burnout or complicated systems. Those 7 out of 10 volunteers have the same experiences but they stick with sure to recognize them! (Find a church management software that will simplify scheduling and communication here). Many volunteers and ministry leaders sacrifice family time and time off from work to serve the mission at the church. Not that they expect recognition, but a personal thank you goes a long way to show them how much they are appreciated. (It's also a fun idea to put together a banquet sometime throughout the year to spoil your volunteers).

Facility, Production and Worship Teams

With the extra services and people in and out of your buildings around the holidays, often times the facility, production and worship teams spend countless hours prepping and cleaning the building and stage, adjusting the lighting and practicing on top of participating in the extra services. Be sure to recognize the sacrifice of their time and service as they serve either on stage or behind the scenes.

Community Leaders

There are many individuals connected to your church through their service day after day to your community. Whether it's the director or staff at a local shelter or community center, a council member, police or fire, they support and serve you as well. Think about interactions that you have had with your community leaders and send a note of appreciation for the way the love and serve the community.

Professional Relationships

Chances are your church uses the services of several professional services: accountant, attorney, cleaning service, security systems, etc. These services provide protection for your ministry to function day to day. Reaching out to personally thank these professionals will build trust and positive relationship.

Tell us how you appreciate the people that impact your ministry, we'd love to hear!

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