We set out on a quest to create technology that will allow volunteer coordinators to leave behind their spreadsheets, shred their paper schedules and find confidence in managing schedules and communicating with volunteers in a simple and efficient way. To put our product to the test, we invited Stacy to give it a try. Stacy is a comedian and has also served in children's ministry for a "long time." She has never seen our scheduling software, but has been tasked with building and scheduling volunteers. Just how simple can this be?



The new schedules tool is simple and allows you to save hours setting up your volunteers each week. You can group your volunteers into serving rotations and with just one more click, all of them get assigned to the position they want to serve in! Once your schedule is built you can then have it repeat for as long as you'd like. No more spreadsheets, no more excel docs, just ministry.

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Communication is easy

This is where everything has to start. Send a quick email to the volunteer, change their status, or remove them from that week's schedule. Schedule information can be sent by text or email, and volunteers can respond (accept or decline) a role they are scheduled on their phones - without even logging in!easier-to-volunteer


The new updates will give your volunteers more control and flexibility over their schedule. Volunteers will be able to communicate their preferred services and positions through the software.

Block Out Dates

We gave the Block Out Dates calendar a facelift and updated look. Your volunteers will have a smooth experience with more control over their availability.


You no longer have to go to another page to add files or email the volunteers. Using the ‘add files’ button allows you to attach files from your computer or from the group’s files.

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If you are currently using our software, we hope this has simplified your volunteer management.

If you are not currently using our church management software, you can learn more about our new schedule features here.More Schedule Features

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