We’ve been privileged to work with a number of church planters as well as leaders in that space. Church Community Builder works hard to make sure we can offer something beneficial to even the smallest of churches. We believe that if you can begin with great systems, you’ll not only grow faster but will also be able to sustain that growth over time.

...you don’t have to be an established church or even a big church to struggle with developing these different leadership areas."

Some of the biggest hurdles of church planting are:


You might not always meet in the same place, especially if you can’t find one location that offers all the needed space. How do you keep everyone in sync?



Print is expensive and slow. How do you get the word out last minute? People are likely to interact with your church website even more than they will your physical location.


Staying connected

Meeting together in person is important, but it’s not always practical. How can you stay connected even when you can’t be physically present?


  1. Follow up

A few hundred people show up. If you’re at the beginning of the planting experience, chances are many of those faces are new. How do you capture their information and ensure you follow up before they slip through the cracks?


  1. Generosity

People are looking for a place to invest their financial resources. Why make it difficult when they can give to any cause or church by simply going online?


  1. Messaging options

How do you deliver a personal touch point when communicating face-to-face just doesn’t make sense? Video? eNewsletter? Blog?


  1. Volunteers

Everyone is likely a volunteer when a church starts. If the church is lucky enough to have the resources up front to pay a staff member, it’s most likely the lead pastor. Recruiting and placing volunteers is vital to growing a healthy leadership base.


  1. Small groups

Getting people connected with a group of peers they can do life with will transform your church. How can you help make it easy for people to discover the groups available to join and get connected?


  1. You don’t have to be an established church or even a big church to struggle with developing these different leadership areas. The right church management software coupled with mainstream social technology can move you forward faster than you might have first thought possible. Why wait until you are healthy and big to invest in technology to help you define and manage these processes when you’ll never get healthy or big without them?

There's always a next step:

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