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Make Staff Transition a Positive Experience for Everyone

Transitioning well is not just about how to add staffers when you need them. It also involves...

5 Min Read

Find Your Next Hire from Within

Dealing with transitions on your staff can be tricky. It’s time-consuming to search and interview...

6 Min Read

Handle Staff Transition with Grace

We can all agree that new hires in any church, ministry or business are extremely important....

6 Min Read

Five Hurdles to Overcome Before you Introduce a Digital Giving Option

To launch a thriving software, curriculum, process or platform, it takes careful planning, a big...

5 Min Read

Five Steps to Consider While You Dream Big and Plan for the New Year

As you dream and plan for the new year, take some time developing the vision, planning and...

4 Min Read

6 Leadership Roles Your Church Management Software Should Support

Here are a few leadership roles that your church management software can and should be supporting...

4 Min Read

What Is a Leadership Role?

We've identified sixteen 'Leadership Roles' that are filled in some capacity in most churches.

7 Min Read

Coaching Your Ministry Leaders

Once viewed as more extraneous than essential, leadership coaching has shifted the way leaders and...

3 Min Read