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Tagged: MultiSite

If Pride and Humility Are Habits, Which One Do You Need to Kick?

Leadership is a high-stakes game. A lot is riding on it, and few things kill a leader’s...

8 Min Read

4 Healthy Perspectives of a Great Central Services Team in a Multisite Church

If you’re leading in a multisite church or if you’re thinking about becoming a multisite church, at...

4 Min Read

6 Questions to Ask Before Considering Multisite

Though there are over 5,000 multisite churches across North America, every one has a unique...

6 Min Read

Mega Church Future is Intentionally Getting Smaller

Megachurches are not going anywhere. Their number is increasing, and so is their attendance. But...

6 Min Read

What Your Multi-Site Pastor Must Know About Church Software

As a multi-site pastor, your position is unique. Not only are you responsible for leading your...

4 Min Read

3 Steps to an Effective Multi-Site Church Website

According to research, 51 percent of members and visitors stated the church’s website was somewhat...

3 Min Read