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The Ultimate Year-End Giving Resources 2017

Turn your focus to elevating the giving conversation in your church. We teamed up with Generis, and put together two impactful resources to help make that conversation a little easier.

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"Accelerate generosity in your church's culture."

"Surprise and delight your givers."


Make The Most Out of Year-End Giving

stir up generosity to fuel your ministry

As a leader, you have much to do. Not only are you responsible for the daily care for the congregation, you also deal with unexpected life moments that require your full energy and attention. With all of these leadership realities it can be hard to turn your focus to elevating the giving conversation in your church.

Taking the time to plan and strategize the best approach for a year-end giving campaign or project isn’t the most exciting thing in the world – and it’s not like you have ‘spare time.’

However, this is a much more important investment of time and energy than most people realize. Whether you fully understand the value it can have in supporting your ministry all year long or you’re not really sure where to start but have heard others talk about it, getting your approach right is critical.

Engaging the hearts of your donors will not only align them to the mission of your church, but it will foster their passion for giving while reaffirming their belief that giving to your church is an investment in ministry.

Telling your givers, “thank you” is so important in connecting them with your mission. Don’t miss this natural moment to invest into the spiritual life of your givers. It is worth the focus and the work!

Check out these 2 free resources we've put together along with Generis to help take your year-end giving strategy to the next level: 


2017 Year-End Giving Guide

Accelerate your church's generosity culture

Asking your people to join in your cause and give to your church doesn’t have to be difficult.

This guide serves as a pathway to design and implement an excellent year-end giving campaign that will leave you excited and prepared.

  • Position your church as the best year-end giving option.
  • Help you create a natural on-ramp for first-time givers.
  • List the 10 elements of a year-end giving project.
  • Deliver a Sample Impact Report.
  • And much more!

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2018 Annual Statements

surprise and delight your givers

The 2018 Annual Statements eBook will walk you through practical ideas on how to surprise and delight your givers on a new level this year.

Packed with great content and design templates, this book will show you how connecting with your givers can develop deeper roots in their church engagement and open their hearts.

  • What's new for 2018
  • Sample Annual & Impact Reports
  • Best Practice Mailing Techniques
  • Pre-Statement & Announcement Video Ideas
  • And much more!

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