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How to do Church in a Post COVID-19 World

This playbook is designed to be guide for planning to safely gather once again.

As the conversation surrounding the COVID-19 crisis has rapidly shifted from “shelter-in-place” to “return-to-work,” church leaders are wrestling with the questions of how to re-open the church.


(Re)Opening the Doors of the Church

The familiar creak of hinges as someone enters the sanctuary. No words need to be spoken. The whoosh of air escaping the pneumatic opener says plenty. The gentle thud of door- meeting-jamb. That small sweep of weather-stripping brushing over the threshold. Maybe even the faint rattle of loose hardware. Whatever it sounds like in your church. Whether it happens fifteen times on a Sunday morning or fifteen thousand times. The music of Church Doors opening has ceased over the past few months. The silence has left a deafening void.

*Disclaimer: Church Community Builder is not a legal advisor nor is the content within this document legal advice. This resource is provided for informational purposes only and designed to raise awareness of ways churches can prepare for in-person service. Please consult your own legal advisors as necessary, and take into account your local government and state guidelines.*